Travel Tips

Tips to protect your identity and your bank account.

Purge Your Wallet: Empty your wallet of extra cards and IDs. Never travel with your Social Security card or checkbook. Only put your name/phone on luggage tags, not an address. (Bring a spare credit card in case yours is lost.)

Copy Important Documents: Make paper copies of your passport, plane tickets, hotel reservations, health insurance card, etc.; keep separate from originals but not in checked luggage. Or scan copies, then save on an encrypted thumb drive or email to yourself.

Sign Up For STEP: The U.S. State Department's Smart Traveler Enrollment Program lets you set up an account when traveling overseas. In a financial, legal or medical emergency, the local U.S. embassy can help you more efficiently. STEP also offers travel alerts, embassy contacts and visa/vaccination rules. Go to

Go Online With Caution: On your laptop, tablet or smartphone, never check personal websites – email, banking or credit card accounts – on public computers or Wi-Fi systems. Update security software and be sure you've got strong passwords on all devices. Only go online using encrypted Internet connections.

Alert Bank/Credit Card Companies: Before leaving town, notify your banks and credit card companies where you'll be traveling and for how long. Use credit cards, which generally have more fraud protections than debit cards. Try to use ATMs only inside banks, not in busy, touristy spots.

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Claudia Buck, The Sacramento Bee

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Frequently Asked Questions

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+ General Tour Questions +

Room Occupancy:
Q: What if I want a room to myself?
A: You can request a single occupancy room if available. There is an extra lodging fee of 300 eu, or about $360 USD. Please let us know as soon as possible if you are interested in lodging by yourself, as special reservations are required.

Q: I'm going on a trip by myself. How is my hotel roommate chosen?
A: If you're going on a trip by yourself, we will pair you with a roommate of the same sex.

Q: What are the terms and conditions?
A: You can find them on the Registration page, and you can download a printable copy.

Q: What is the cancellation policy?
A: Should you find it necessary to cancel, written notice must be received from you. Based on the date we receive your written notice, a cancellation fee will be charged as follows:
• Over 60 days prior to departure, cancellation fee = $200
• 60-30 days prior to departure, cancellation fee = 50% of Land Costs
• Less than 30 days prior to departure or failure to show = no refund.
There will be no refunds or credits for unused portions or uncompleted trips for any reason.
For the complete cancellation policy, please refer to the Registration page.


+ Italy Cycling Tour Questions +

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+ Spain Cycling Tour Questions +

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+ Seefeld Nordic Tour Questions +

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+ Future Tours +

Other Trips:
Q: Are there Cycling / Road Biking trips available?
A: We are working on details for future cycling trips. Email us or Fill out our Interest Form to express your ideas.

Q: Are there Hiking trips available?
A: We are currently working on a hiking trip for Fall. Email us or Fill out our Interest Form to express your ideas.

Q: Are there other Nordic / Cross Country Skiing trips available?
A: We are researching ideas for another Nordic trip for next Winter. Email us or Fill out our Interest Form to express your ideas.